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Why Sign? どうして手話(サイン)なの?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Potty Training Corner & Books

Today we had the first Potty Time Workshop and I think it went rather well.  It was an interesting time of sharing ideas and stories.  One thing we talked about today is how to set up the potty area so all the things you need are within arm's reach.  Here is our little set-up:
The top pocket is where we keep the books to read while waiting.  There is also a pack of flushable wipes.  The second pocket has clean diapers and on the bottom liners for cloth diapers hang next to the paper towel for cleaning up accidents.

Here are some of our favorite books to haev on hand while potty training:

A Potty for Me!: A Lift-the-Flap Instruction Manual by Karen Katz
ISBN-13: 978-0689874239

Too Big for Diapers (Sesame Street)
ISBN-13: 978-0375810459

Potty by Leslie Patricelli
ISBN-13: 978-0763644765

Hopkins Uses the Potty
ISBN-13: 9781936859115

Friday, March 9, 2012


トイレトレーニング・ワークショップ Potty Training Workshop
Join us for a 1-hour introduction to the Potty Time Program and learn how you can make potty training easier for you and more fun for your child. Potty Time works for children ages 1-5 and supports any potty training method you choose. 

We are offering the same workshop on two different days 
for your convenience.  Contact Hana House to register.
Signing Timeを使ったトイレトレーニングセミナーです。まだ言葉が上手でないお子さんでも、サインを使いながら楽しく、ストレスなくオムツを卒業できるようになります。ぜひご参加ください。下記#1か#2のいずれかご都合のよいほうにお越しください。お申し込みはハナハウスまで。
メール info@hanahouse.jp
☎ 03-6750-8677

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Potty Time Workshop

Next week we will have 2 Potty Time workshops at Hana House.  The first is on Tuesday, March 13th and the second is on Saturday, March 17th.  I am leading the same program on both days.  This workshop is a chance to learn about different options in potty training kids.  There are so many ways to do it: starting from birth or when a baby can sit alone or starts signing or turns a certain age... This workshop will encourage and equip parents to make potty training into a positive experience for both parent and child.
 Are you interested in coming?

Please contact Hana House for further details!

Making my "teacher's copy" of the various free downloads from the Potty Time website.
If you have any questions I can be reached at heidi@signingtimeacademy.com

Please e-mail me if you live in Japan but are not in a location where classes are offered. I can help you get started with Baby Signing Time and/or Signing Time.

日本に住んでいて、近くに手話のクラスがない場合などは、メールをくだされば、質問に答えたり、皆さんが Baby Signing Time や Signing Time を始めるのをお手伝いできると思います。



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